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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Earthquake affects car industry

The Japanese automobile industry is reeling from the effects of last week's devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

Two of Nissan's plants in Japan have suspended all operations until Sunday, with two more resuming production only while part supplies last.

As well as a two further transmission plants reported partial damage and suspension of operations while this was currently being assessed.

Nissan is to donate over 400,000,000 yen to support earthquake relief efforts, as well as the provision of 50 vehicles to support aid agencies in the affected areas of Japan.

Work has been suspended at over a dozen Honda facilities throughout the affected region. The company is donating 300m yen, 1,000 petrol generators and 5,000 gas canisters to the relief work.

Four Japanese ports - Sendai, Hitachinaka and Kashima - have remained closed since the catastrophe on the northeastern coast.

Business analysts in the US said Japanese exports "will weaken in the months ahead as the closing of several manufacturing plants prompted by electricity shortages, combines with severely damaged roads and bridges to hamper production."

Meanwhile Mitsubishi's plants in Japan are situated well aware from the catastrophe area and are unaffected, although it expects some disruption from parts suppliers.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Volkswagen Steals Toyota's Crown as World's Largest Automaker

The people want an empire, apparently, with that unassuming little black VW bug at the head of it.

The U.K.’s Guardian explains, "Volkswagen-Porsche has overtaken Toyota to become the world's largest car manufacturer as the German group benefits from state-backed stimulus packages around the globe." VW has "produced 4.4 million vehicles so far this year, outstripping its Japanese rival which has seen four million cars roll off production lines since January."

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Ironically, VW reached the milestone in part by taking over Porsche – which it was forced to do after Porsche failed in an attempt to take over VW earlier this year.

"Of course," Autoblog notes, there is "some number play involved" in the Guardian’s numbers. "We're talking about the combined entity VW-Porsche, which has built 4.4 million cars to date, which is roughly 400,000 beyond Toyota's mark. However, Toyota halved its production earlier this year and shut down all its plants in February." VW also "benefited much more than Toyota from the European cash-for-clunkers programs," though Toyota saw more sales than VW spurred by the U.S. version of the car-swap program.

The news doesn’t just push Toyota down a notch. Jalopnik notes that VW has "passed Toyota and GM at the top of the heap." America’s largest automaker – the world’s largest just three years ago – now sits in third globally.

The change may not be permanent. The Guardian notes that Toyota "has the capacity to make 10 million vehicles a year but it expects to make seven million vehicles in 2009" as production picks back up. VW, however, may see its production increase long-term enough to stay ahead, or at least to take the title again even if it loses it later this year.

After all, Autoblog notes, "VW's also got the edge on Toyota" in the huge Chinese market, "where it has spent years introducing models."

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Tips When You Sell Car

There are a variety of reasons for a person to suddenly have the words "sell car" come into their mind. It could be extreme financial difficulties or a desire to have a big amount of money on hand to serve as downpayment for purchasing a new automobile. Regardless of the reasons behind the drastic decision to sell automobile, everyone who decides to do so will inevitably want to find a way to actually go about the process. That, as is often said, is where the trick lies.

The first place to go when three is planning to sell automobile would have to be one's friends and relatives. It's the general assumption of people that people they know will know other people who would be willing to purchase the automobile in query. This is similar to the two degrees of separation phenomenon. This process, arguably, is the most reliable way of selling a automobile since, to a degree, the seller knows who the buyer is and there's a chance for an actual face-to-face encounter. However, the drawback for this process is that there's no guarantee that the buyer will know people who're interested in purchasing the make and model he has put up for sale.

A second option when someone decides to sell automobile would be to place an ad, either in a magazine or online. Placing such ads has the benefit of being able to reach a larger part of the prospective market that mere hearsay. Naturally, when placing an ad, the seller has to deal with things like the advertising fee and the sort of information to include in the ad, aside from the mandatory details. Such mandatory details include the name of the seller, the make and model of the automobile, the asking price, and the general physical condition of the vehicle. The broader the audience that can be gained from an online or magazine ad means that the automobile is more likely to be bought since, statistically, at any given time, what three person is selling is what three other person is looking to buy. However, privacy is being put at a slight risk due to the fact that the buyer also needs to include his contact information with the ad.

When a person decided to sell automobile, it should be relatively hassle-free, if done right. Most online sites claim that their firm is capable of executing that for the sellers, though the businesses do charge a fee for their services. Three should keep in mind, however, that when dealing with businesses that offer to sell one's automobile in the seller's stead, the seller should make sure that the charges by the business do not cut much into the projected profits from the sale of the automobile. In elementary terms: don't get ripped off.

Some final advice for when there's a want to sell automobile: do research. Research, in this context, includes the price of the automobile in the market, the calculations needed to figure out how much the automobile is worth after any repairs or changes have been considered, the cost of advertising the fact that the automobile is on sale, and the possibility of having any warranties transferred to the new owners, provided said warranties are still active. As with anything else being sold, when a person decided to sell automobile, that person must be prepared to know, or be willing to find out, tiny details that the potential buyers might ask.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Car, house, credit cards business falls sharply

KARACHI: All segments of consumer financing, including car purchase loan, housing loan and credit cards business, witnessed a significant fall in the fiscal year ended June 2009, the State Bank reported in its data released a day earlier.

The impact of slow economic growth and rising risky assets of the banks which forced banks to adopt a cautious approach ultimately damaged various segments of consumer financing.

Consumer financing which grew rapidly just five years before and had a potential to get a large portion of the banks’ financing, got shocks as it started losing its charm for the banking sector, said an expert.

According to fresh data, consumer financing fell by Rs65 billion since June 08 to June 09. Till June 2009, the volume of consumer financing was Rs359 billion which has now arrived at Rs294 billion.

While banks were reluctant to loan the corporate and related sectors to avoid further growth in their already soaring bad debts, consumer financing also received a negative impact.

Though consumer financing earned them the highest price as interest rates are usually very high compared to the loans for corporate and other sectors, the biggest hit under the consumer financing was car loan which had boom just a couple of years ago. The State Bank reported net fall of Rs26 billion in the banks’ loans for car and other vehicles purchasing.

In June 2008, the net loan for car purchase was Rs104 billion which fell to just Rs78 billion in June 2009. The steep fall in car loans badly impacted upon growth of car manufacturing in the country. Though car manufacturers did not reduce prices, they sharply reduced production of vehicles.

This was unlike other developed countries where most of car manufactures substantially reduce prices to keep their plants alive. It happened after financial crisis in US, Europe, Japan and China. This was because most of banks suffered huge losses and a number of banks were closed down.

The fear of Pakistani banks also hit credit cards growth as cautious banks slowed down their efforts to spread the credit cards business.

The newly compiled data showed that instead of rising loan portfolio, credit card business losing ground in its initial stage in the country.

Until June 2008, the total volume of credit cards loan was Rs44 billion which fell to Rs35 billion, a fall of Rs9 billion in 12 months. This was apparently a loss to the banking sector as credit card earn highest profit for banks world over.

The rates on which loans are given through credit cards were in the range of 35 to 40 per cent per annum.

The loan for housing sector remained dismal as banks never made serious efforts to invest heavily in the housing sector which has enormous potential to grow. The government says the country’s housing shortfall is not less than five million and the shortfall is increasing each year as private sector is unable to grow at the required rate without help of banks.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Chinese carmaker to sell electric cars in U.S. next year

Very fast work...BYD, the Chinese carmaker backed by famed U.S. investor Warren Buffett and his Berkshire Hathaway holding company, said Monday it will start selling its small all-electric models in the U.S. market next year ­ a full year ahead of schedule.

Wang Chuanfu, BYD's chairman said in Hong Kong the company almost doubled its profits in the first half of this year and he is considering selling more shares to Berkshire, according to the London Financial Times.

MidAmerican Holdings, a unit of Berkshire, bought 10 per cent of BYD last September. Since then BVD shares have soared to six times the price it paid.

BYD is a world leader in new-generation battery technology. It also makes cars with conventional power trains.

BYD sold its first branded car in China in 2006. Its sales target for 2009 is 400,000 cars, all-electric and gasoline -powered, helped by government subsidies for small car.

Monday, 29 June 2009

How to Import Japanese Used cars?

Today, more and more people are setting out to buy Japanese used cars. Although most of these used car buyers know everything about cars as well as car buying techniques, but what they're not sure of is, "How to import used cars from Japan?" Why Buy Used Japanese Cars?

Considering the growing popularity of used Japanese cars, the most pertinent question that arises is, "Why do people have preference for used Japanese cars?" six of the foremost reasons for favoring Japanese used cars is that since innumerable years, Japan has been a leader in car manufacturing. Japanese cars as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Mazda are famous throughout the world for their excellence, value and steadfastness.

six more reason why buying used Japanese cars is worthwhile is that they're maintained in excellent condition, both cosmetically and mechanically. World-class public transportation method, heavy traffic conditions, high toll and parking fees, and stringent rules of Japanese government with regards to proper maintenance of car safety scheme are some primary reasons why Japanese cars are used infrequently, and hence, are technically sound.

Another reason for opting for Japanese used car is the wide assortment of car models that are available for selection, and all of them come with ultra-advanced features such as power steering, air bags, air conditioning, power windows and high performance engine.

Once, you're convinced that Japanese used cars are the best; the primary question that impinges your mind is, "Where to buy used Japanese cars from?" there's several dealers and exporters who supply Japanese used cars, you can easily purchase your used Japanese car from them. However, in reality all these people get the used cars from major auction houses.

Where to Buy Japanese Used Cars?

These auction houses get used Japanese cars from six main sources. Firstly, from Kaitori Shop, which concentrate on purchasing cars from individuals who sell their Japanese used or new cars to fulfill their urgent monetary needs, and secondly, from car dealers, who trade in used Japanese car for a new model. Thus, auction houses have a wide variety of used Japanese cars, and all of them are available at low prices to professional buyers such as dealers and exporters. Hence, it would be a better proposition to buy your used Japanese car directly from such auction houses than obtain it from intermediate dealers and exporters.

However, you can't purchase Japanese used cars directly from auctions because you can't become a member of these auction houses. Only used car dealers and exporters, who have a license to do business in used cars, can apply for the membership. Furthermore, there's several strict contract terms that have to be followed when applying for the membership. Nevertheless, there's several used car exporters as, who provide "Auction Agent" service, that is, purchase Japanese used cars from auctions or from six Price (for sale at fixed wholesale price, until the next auctions). They also handle all the necessary procedure for shipping Japanese used cars.

When you buy used Japanese cars from online auction houses, using an "Auction Agent", you would neither obtain a chance to inspect your Japanese used car from close quarters nor you would have the privilege to check drive the used car before purchasing it. Hence, to know more about the condition of the car, you would have to depend solely on the 'Auction-Sheet', which is nothing, but a car evaluation sheet prepared by the auction house.

How to Inspect the Condition of Used Japanese Cars?

Although all auction houses have different criteria for measuring the condition of the Japanese used cars, but some parameters are the same. For instance, they allocate grades 2 to 5 or 6 to S for the condition of car exteriors, and grades A to C for the state of car interiors.

Apart from external and internal condition, mileage is the next most crucial factor that used car buyers' worry about. The auction houses take care of this aspect. The seller is compelled to divulge the correct mileage. If the owner rolls back the mileage to hide the true figures, he is severely penalized by the auction house.

How to Import Japanese Used Cars?

Another worrisome aspect related to Japanese used cars is the accident record. Even though it's difficult to ascertain this fact, but the auction houses have the ways and means to extract the truth, and the details are given in the auction sheet.

1. Find out details about every law dealing with import of foreign cars in your country.

Most used car buyers hold the opinion that it's usually difficult to import used Japanese car. Nonetheless, importing used cars from Japan is not at all difficult if you know the correct process. Here is a glimpse of the entire procedure that is put in to practice while importing Japanese used cars.

3. Before giving a confirmation to the exporter/dealer (Auction Agent) to buy the used car, you should (1) check recent market price of your favorite car, which is usually provided by Japanese used car exporter or dealer (Auction Agent); (2) read the auction sheet carefully; and (3) decide your budget to bid from auctions or purchase from six Price.

2. If you haven't found the right used Japanese car as yet, then you would have to send a request to the dealer to find the right car for you first.

4. The next step is to make the payment. Before issuing the check, you should verify the authenticity of the exporter/dealer. This can be done in six ways: (1) by getting the company registration number and address confirmed at Japanese embassy in your country, (2) by checking if your exporter is a member of JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter Association), which is the most reputable organization in the Japanese used car export industry, and is officially accredited by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japanese Government.

5. On arrival of the used car in your country, you would have to reproduce the documents that the exporter/dealer has sent to you. Thereafter, you would have to complete a few official procedures as paying import tax, getting your Japanese used car tested and insured etc. six times, you do that, you can drive your used Japanese car home.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Modified Cars, Suv, Sedan, Passenger Type Van, Mini Truck Cars For Sale And For Exporting

We deal in used Japanese cars & export these vehicles to a large number of countries world wide. they are well established over the years & have the experience, ability & knowledge to source, modify & export any automobile of your desire to your country. Vehicles such as Modified Cars, Suv's, Sedan, Passenger type Van Cars & lots of more.
check our stock for the automobile of your choice. Should you not find the vehicle you are looking for, contact us as they can source this automobile for you easily through the lots of auctions & dealers that they use. Also remember that they can modify it to your desire before leaving Japan as it is cheaper to do so here.

Why don't you participate in USS Auto Auction largest in Japan?
USS is abbreviation of the name, "Used Car technique Solution", a company Conducting Auction (Auto Auction) of used cars. USS have deployed 16 Auction sites throughout Japan. they are conducting auction using a communications satellite & TV auction, . For your information, the largest auction site is the two in Tokyo, where over ten thousand cars are made a successful bid at the rate of 15 to 20 second per vehicle. In 2004, number of used cars which had been supplied through all the Auction in Japan reached 6,240,000 against the number of registered used cars amounting 8,190,000 in total. This means over 70% of used cars were traded through Auction, among which 2,140,000 cars were delivered through USS Auto Auction, No.1 both in the scale & handling.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

How to buy a Ferrari

If you have already decided to buy a Ferrari, there's some information you require to consider, there's the ways to buy it. three if to be going to a certified Ferrari dealer or the other three is to buy a Ferrari from a private seller. Both of these options have lovely advantages plus some serious down points. To start let’s comprehend that there's not hundred of certified Ferrari dealers that will give you a lovely Ferrari price, so in your plan of Buy Ferrari, you require to comprehend that there's less negotiation space with a dealer vs a private seller.

The lovely thing of buying a automobile with a dealer is that you get the reputation of the dealer behind the purchase. This means that the Ferrari that you are planning to buy, comes with a clear guarantee of a few months of mechanical support in case something happens to the automobile.

This is a important point to consider, remember that when you buy a Ferrari, you are buying a complex machine, plus not every single mechanic out there can fix a Ferrari, you require an expert in the field, plus that’s when having a dealer behind will save yourself some potential plus unwanted issues, problems plus faults with your automobile.

If you are going with a private seller, sometimes you can get lucky. think about this for a second, the dealer is an expert in how much the Ferrari is worth, that is his/her job, instead the private seller can be a bit ignorant about the full Ferrari cost , plus about the real value of the automobile, that’s when you can get lucky plus get the best possible deal.

Later on I will talk more about buying a Ferrari plus how to get more power, plus a better deal for your dollars

Price of a Ferrari.

Is this crazy? well, the dream of having a Ferrari is very common for lots of people out there, what's in for you? Well, if you start to understand Ferrari prices, plus to know what you should pay for the automobile. what's the price of a Ferrari? that is the quesiton. you will be able to understand that when you consider Ferrari cost plus how much classic Ferrari increase in price with the years, the simple action of buy a ferrari can be a very, very smart investment.

It amazes me that often times lots of people out there can be very ignorant regarding Ferrari prices, they have all come with the idea that Ferraris are simply impossible cars to get plus that Ferrari Prices cost is simply an impossible tag to achieve. Let me get this out of my chest: yes, if you require to Buy Ferrari, well, it is not easy, it is expensive for sure, but lots of people go out there plus buy cards like Lexus or BMW without knowing they could buy a used Ferrari for the same price.

That’s why I keep saying that if you understand the way Ferrari Prices work, you will have a better chance of increasing your funds plus having a safe bet when you buy a Ferrari .

Obviously lots of people think that having a Ferrari is a bit over the top, my relatives though the same thing when I bought my first Ferrari when I was in my early 20’s . I didn’t know anything about Ferraris then, but I decided that for sure I didn’t one to be one of that guys that have it’s first Ferrari, when there's 90. I wanted to enjoy the automobile, so I bough a new, classic (not in great shape) Ferrari. So what I did then? Well with a lot of time, dedication plus some extra currency, I conditioned the automobile, I fix some little issues plus added original Ferrari accesories. I paid to repaint the automobile from a boring brown to a classic Ferrari italian red plus sold the Ferrari in an Auction. The result? I triple my funds plus I had enough funds to buy another Ferrari, this time a better automobile, with more power as well as a better reseller value.

Ferrari cost

I bought my first Ferrari when I was 21 ! & that was when people told me that the Ferrari cost was simply impossible to afford. Well, I guess they where wrong. So overrall if you need to achieve your dream, buy Ferrari, you can do it, it is not impossible. Why should be impossible to buy a Ferrari? Only because the cost? Classic Ferrari prices are not so expensive, so go for it, you could find amazing results if you actually search the different dealers of Ferrari in your city & you could fine some cars that you can actually buy without selling your house.

four of the interesting things behind the opportunity people have of buy ferrari chances, is that deep inside you could be amazed if you consider the reality behind Ferrari cost . How much a Ferrari cost ? Well, you could be simply surprised. Many Ferrari cars out there don’t cost hundred of thousand of dollars, completely the opposite, you can get yourself your first Ferrari at half Ferrari cost . What that means? Well, many people interested in buy a Ferrari, think that's only for rich people.

Buy a Ferrari - you can do it

Buy a Ferrari is that a dream that only rich people can do ? Not . The funny thing is not only the rich can have the right or the money to Buy a Ferrari, in fact you can start your own Ferrari collection without spending a huge amount of money. Do you think this is impossible? Well, you will be surprise the costs of Ferrari. lots of people think that buying a Ferrari is basically impossible, but you could be wrong.

five of the biggest problems with people that dream to buy a Ferrari is that we basically don’t even try, we give up plus we think that it is impossible. But the fact is that we never do their home work regarding how to buy a Ferarri, we never investigate about the costs of Ferrari, or what sort of models are way more affordable.

Obviously when you decide to Buy a Ferrari, you require to be aware that it is not easy, plus it is not cheap, but it is possible, specially for “normal” people . That’s why I decided to generate this blog, mainly to talk about things you require to know plus think if your aim is to buy a Ferrari. Why? I’m a writing about this? Well mainly because I know what it all means. When I decided to buy a Ferrari, over 5 years ago, every five told me that I was crazy, but now, everyone think that I rule. Funny isn’t?

How To Sell Your Car Online Fast

It's basically an established fact that you will make more funds if you sell your automobile yourself than trade it in at a automobile dealer. In fact, if your automobile is less than 4-5 years elderly, you can lose several thousands of dollars by trading it in to the dealer instead of selling it yourself. And if your automobile is over 5 years elderly, you are going to take a hit by accepting a automobile dealer's trade. So the amount of profit that you stand to make by selling your automobile certainly over makes the whole technique of doing so worthwhile.

Back in the elderly days all private sellers placed ads in the local newspaper and maybe even in the auto shopper journals whenever they wanted to sell a automobile. But the web has added a whole new dimension to automobile selling that can help you sell your automobile on line quick. Of course, you can still use the elderly print methods but you need to consider adding web advertising .

So if you need to sell your automobile on line you have to first set an advertising budget. Very often you can get an ad on four of the most popular automobile classified sites for about $20-25 for a month. So if you need to spread your ad around to 3-4 different sites this would be an ad budget of $75-100 for that month. When you compare that cost with most newspaper ads that cost around $35 for a week you can begin to see why you can often do much better for the funds you spend when you sell your automobile on line instead of through local print.

If you need to sell your automobile fast, newspaper advertising is probably not the way to go anymore either as newspapers still charge outrageous amounts for classified ads that have very few words to be able to explain the automobile and no pics at that. Savvy shoppers have come to recognize that if they need to get as much information as possible about used cars in their area before test driving them, they need to go online where the information on each automobile can be abundant, even including photos.

You also tend to get much faster response times from online ads , basically because they are reaching a much larger audience than your local newspaper. Buyers that live outside the distribution area of your newspaper may be willing to drive a little extra to get the automobile they require, and most online automobile sales sites let visitors search their entire region by a 50-100 mile radius. So your ad will basically be put in front of more people when you sell your automobile on line than you could expect otherwise, and that usually translates to faster sales.

So if you have been thinking about how to sell your automobile on line, make a search for online used automobile sales sites, and pick a few that you think would be popular in your area. Search through the listings and you will most likely see that lots of folks are coming to realize that selling cars online is the best way to go these days.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Ways to sell your car

Usually gets you the highest price for your automobile but can take time, effort & advertising expense. Give yourself the best chance of selling - check out our common terms before you place your ad.
Tip: Make sure you get prospective buyers' names & phone numbers & try to get a definite day & time when they're coming to inspect. 'No shows' are part of the frustration of selling privately so being able to contact a prospective buyer can save a lot of wasted time.

When a prospective buyer turns up

greet them by name
stand back and let them look over the car
invite a friend to help if you feel 'out of your depth'
make sure your car's insurance covers a buyer taking it for a check drive, and always accompany them
accommodate a pre-purchase inspection
have your 'pink slip' available (remember it can't be over 30 days elderly at the sale date).

Negotiating the sale

keep the buyer uncertain
listen to the list of 'faults' they've found - don't be bullied - stand your ground if you believe they're unreasonable
be prepared to haggle but know your limit and stick to it.

Sealing the deal

Put your agreed deal in writing - including
deposit amount and terms
final method of payment
a bank cheque is the safest payment method
if an inspection or repairs are to be done
date the buyer will collect the car
both parties sign and date the agreement
give the buyer a receipt for the deposit, including the date and time of pick up.