SELL CAR FAST -For those who's interested to sell their car personally or trade in or sell to 2nd hand dealer. SELL CAR FAST -i hope this info might give you some direction on the process to sell your car.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Ways to sell your car

Usually gets you the highest price for your automobile but can take time, effort & advertising expense. Give yourself the best chance of selling - check out our common terms before you place your ad.
Tip: Make sure you get prospective buyers' names & phone numbers & try to get a definite day & time when they're coming to inspect. 'No shows' are part of the frustration of selling privately so being able to contact a prospective buyer can save a lot of wasted time.

When a prospective buyer turns up

greet them by name
stand back and let them look over the car
invite a friend to help if you feel 'out of your depth'
make sure your car's insurance covers a buyer taking it for a check drive, and always accompany them
accommodate a pre-purchase inspection
have your 'pink slip' available (remember it can't be over 30 days elderly at the sale date).

Negotiating the sale

keep the buyer uncertain
listen to the list of 'faults' they've found - don't be bullied - stand your ground if you believe they're unreasonable
be prepared to haggle but know your limit and stick to it.

Sealing the deal

Put your agreed deal in writing - including
deposit amount and terms
final method of payment
a bank cheque is the safest payment method
if an inspection or repairs are to be done
date the buyer will collect the car
both parties sign and date the agreement
give the buyer a receipt for the deposit, including the date and time of pick up.