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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Earthquake affects car industry

The Japanese automobile industry is reeling from the effects of last week's devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

Two of Nissan's plants in Japan have suspended all operations until Sunday, with two more resuming production only while part supplies last.

As well as a two further transmission plants reported partial damage and suspension of operations while this was currently being assessed.

Nissan is to donate over 400,000,000 yen to support earthquake relief efforts, as well as the provision of 50 vehicles to support aid agencies in the affected areas of Japan.

Work has been suspended at over a dozen Honda facilities throughout the affected region. The company is donating 300m yen, 1,000 petrol generators and 5,000 gas canisters to the relief work.

Four Japanese ports - Sendai, Hitachinaka and Kashima - have remained closed since the catastrophe on the northeastern coast.

Business analysts in the US said Japanese exports "will weaken in the months ahead as the closing of several manufacturing plants prompted by electricity shortages, combines with severely damaged roads and bridges to hamper production."

Meanwhile Mitsubishi's plants in Japan are situated well aware from the catastrophe area and are unaffected, although it expects some disruption from parts suppliers.

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