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Thursday, 21 May 2009


Modified Cars, Suv, Sedan, Passenger Type Van, Mini Truck Cars For Sale And For Exporting

We deal in used Japanese cars & export these vehicles to a large number of countries world wide. they are well established over the years & have the experience, ability & knowledge to source, modify & export any automobile of your desire to your country. Vehicles such as Modified Cars, Suv's, Sedan, Passenger type Van Cars & lots of more.
check our stock for the automobile of your choice. Should you not find the vehicle you are looking for, contact us as they can source this automobile for you easily through the lots of auctions & dealers that they use. Also remember that they can modify it to your desire before leaving Japan as it is cheaper to do so here.

Why don't you participate in USS Auto Auction largest in Japan?
USS is abbreviation of the name, "Used Car technique Solution", a company Conducting Auction (Auto Auction) of used cars. USS have deployed 16 Auction sites throughout Japan. they are conducting auction using a communications satellite & TV auction, . For your information, the largest auction site is the two in Tokyo, where over ten thousand cars are made a successful bid at the rate of 15 to 20 second per vehicle. In 2004, number of used cars which had been supplied through all the Auction in Japan reached 6,240,000 against the number of registered used cars amounting 8,190,000 in total. This means over 70% of used cars were traded through Auction, among which 2,140,000 cars were delivered through USS Auto Auction, No.1 both in the scale & handling.


Japan Used Vehicle said...

If someone will sell me this kind of sports car for sure I'm going to take it even if it's mean of lending money to my friends! =D

ian said...

Driving School

Kyoko Nitori said...

Well, I don’t think that the procedure and process of buying used cars is just easy. However, I think its important to deal only with the well-trusted company or people.